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www.FPGP.com is worldwide.


Tell us about your travels to ‘special locations‘ and what you have experienced.   We are looking for your comments about good experiences or not-so-good experiences from anywhere you have traveled. Share with us those places worldwide that you have found, enjoyed, or want to avoid returning to! Please let us know about your experiences in wonderful cities, hotels with excellent service and amenities, unique sites to visit, and where to find great food. And yes….tell us about the places that we should avoid!

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From D. S. and family

We just took a family trip to the US Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio.  What a great day.  The kids loved seeing so many airplanes and my favorite was the  Blackbird.  We only had one day, but could have stayed for more.  When you are near Dayton, it’s a place you have to visit.


From C. G.

We found a treasure, the Denver (Colorado) Museum of Nature and Science.  The wildlife exhibits were so realistic that you thought you were with the birds and animals.  One secret that we discovered was the ‘hidden elves’ throughout the museum in the displays.  Ask for a Seek-and-Find page that tells where to find the elves. Our kids are still talking about their discoveries.  We did the whole museum in less than a day, but could have stayed longer.  They have an IMAX and a Planetarium.  It’s a great indoor event if there’s bad weather.


From D. R.

I have a trip planned from Philadelphia to Dallas and I wanted to know where the gates for my airlines are located.  I do not travel a lot so I don’t know the layout of airports.  I quickly found that information on your site at the Airports Page on the Go To Menu.  You made my search so easy and all the information was at one place.  Thank you FPGP.com for a great service. ________________________________________________________________________________________

From R. L.

I needed a place to go on a day trip from Philadelphia that the kids would enjoy.  I had heard about Lucy the Elephant in Margate, NJ so I loaded the kids and drove there.  It was a wonderful afternoon.  The kids loved it!  Here’s Lucy’s website.  http://www.lucytheelephant.org .  I recommend it for a fun time for any age.